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What is Legacy?

Your Life Your Story.

Legacy is a unique product that allows you to hand-pick the songs that shaped the moments in life that matter the most to you and then, through a professionally filmed interview, recount those stories scored to the songs you have selected and in the process craft a beautiful film that will last for many years to come and allow generations of your family, friends and community to remember you in your own words and share the music you loved.

Use music to tell your story.

Legacy works by asking you to select either 6 or 12 songs that you believe define your life. These can be songs that remind you of success, family or even moments of reflection. The choice is yours.


Music has always been a format that allows us to express ourselves and during your interview, we will play these songs to help stir those feelings and embed them within your final video to allow anyone who is watching to share in those moments with you culminating in a playlist that tells your story.

Legacy is for everyone.

Your story doesn't end with you and you don't need to wait to tell it. Legacy is a format that can be added to for years to come.


Life is a fantastic journey that always surprises us. The answers or songs you may give in your 30's could be completely different to those in your 50's or 80's. You can tell your story no matter your age or situation, enquire today to let us help you tell that story. 

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